Quiz-The World

Quiz-The World


Answer the following

  1. Why are the uplands of southern England called Downs?

  1. Who was the Scottish writer who popularized the use of Scottish words in the early 19th century?

  1. Where was Hitler’s mountain hideout?

  1. What chemical substance is released from blood platelets?

  1. What is the main difference between porcelain and pottery?



  1. The word comes from the Old English word dun meaning hill

  2. Sir Walter Scott

  3. Berchtesgaden

  4. Serotonin

  5. Porcelain is translucent, pottery does not transmit light.



Stephen Hawking

1.Electrical resistance is measured by the ohm and its reciprocal conductance by the mho [ohm spelt backwards]

2.The most abundant atom in the universe is the Hydrogen atom.

3.Weight decreases as you move away from Earth.

4.Saturn would float if you were to put it in water as it is mainly composed of gas and is less dense than water.