GK Quiz-on Films

GK Quiz-on Films



Quiz on Films

  1. How did the Oscar get its name?
  2. Name the great filmmaker who directed famous movies such as ‘The Bridge on the river Kwai’, ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ and ‘Dr. Zhivago’.
  3. For which film did Lawrence Olivier win the Best Actor’s Oscar?
  4. Which famous actress was selected to play the role of Scarlet O’Hara in ‘Gone with The Wind’ after 1400 candidates were interviewed?
  5. Name the first Cinemascope film.



  1. In 1929 the first awards for the best performances in films were made. These awards were shaped like a man. A secretary at the Academy of Motion Pictures remarked that it looked just like her Uncle Oscar and the name stuck. Ever since then the awards have been called Oscars. The statuette stands on a reel of film.
  2. David Lean
  3. Hamlet in 1947
  4. The beautiful Vivien Leigh
  5. The Robe



Akira Kurosawa [March 23, 1910-Sept 6, 1998] was a Japanese film director and screen writer. In a career spanning 57 years, he directed 30 films. He is considered one of the most outstanding and influential filmmakers in the history of cinema.

Scandal [1950], Rhapsody in August [1991], I Live in Fear [1955], One Wonderful Sunday [1947], Rashomon [1950], Seven Samurai [ 1954], The Men Who Tread on the Tiger’s Tail [1945] are some of his notable works. Many of his films have been remade in Hollywood.

Arguably the most famous Japanese director, his body of work stands as a monument of his artistic and personal achievement.

A Squid has a triangular head and an Octopus a rounded one. They are both Cephalopods which means ‘head footed’ as they have no real feet and their head is their most prominent feature.

The Starfish feeds by partially extending its stomach outside its mouth and over the digestible parts of its prey like mussels and clams.

The earthworm can regrow even if cut in half because its nerves are located all over its body. The head part can regenerate its tail but the other half cannot survive.

The Gila Monster of the South American desert and the Beaded lizard of Mexico are two poisonous lizards.