Punjab: DGR & PG devises technology solutions to provide citizen-centric services during lockdown

Punjab: DGR & PG devises technology solutions to provide citizen-centric services during lockdown

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Chandigarh, May 24 : The Department of Governance Reforms and Public Grievances (DGR&PG) has been proactively engaged in providing technology solutions to the Punjab government amid unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

Stating this here on Sunday, ACS Governance Reforms and Public Grievances Vini Mahajan said the department developed solutions to manage, share and analyse data as well as to provide seamless essential citizen centric services efficaciously during the lockdown. She informed that that the IT team under the supervision of CEO e-governance Ravi Bhagat and Director DGR & PG Parminder Pal Singh had been tasked to build and implement technology solutions to help the state government in this difficult phase.

The entire team worked relentlessly to develop these unique solutions through its dedicated and innovative approach. The teams managed by General Manager PSeGS Vinesh Gautam, Senior Consultants Jasminder Pal Singh and Manpreet, built and launched the COVA App in March 2020 which has 23 lakh downloads till date, to track the spread of the pandemic, geo tag patients to identify clusters, geo fence quarantined individuals and provide citizen services before any other government or organisation had launch a similar solution.

As many as 11 States requested for access to admin logins to the COVA App and Dashboard such that they could use the features of the application to manage services in their respective States as well, Ms Mahajan said. Pointing out further, the ACS said that over time, this team has onboarded unique features and services to the COVA App that have helped citizens access essential services and medical assistance; enabled district administration enforce lockdown and guidelines; trace contact history of every infected individual; as well as allowed the decision makers at the state level get real time updates of COVID-19 figures from across the 22 districts.

Partnering with multiple agencies, start-ups and organisations, who were willing to provide pro bono support to the Department, the IT team has implemented several dashboards for data collection and integration including for registration of migrant workers, registration of citizens willing to come back to or leave Punjab among others.

This team has been consistently offering IT support to the Departments of Health and Family Welfare and Medical Education and Research, State COVID-19 Control Room as well as to the Punjab Mandi Board. Having an internal IT team housed in the DGR&PG has proven to be an asset and an invaluable support especially during this time of the unprecedented crisis, she added. (UNI)