Markets will be open in Amritsar till 3 pm

Markets will be open in Amritsar till 3 pm

Agency News

Amritsar, May 14: Authorities announced on Wednesday that during the period of curfew in Amritsar district of Punjab in the wake of coronavirus (COVID-19), the district administration has allowed the retailers to open their shops from 1030 hrs to 1500 hrs daily.

At a meeting at the residence of Medical Education Minister Om Prakash Soni along with District Deputy Commissioner Shivdular Singh, Commissioner of Police Dr Sukhchain Singh Gill and representatives of the Board of Trade, Soni said the wholesale market was already being allowed to open at six in the morning as per the demands of the traders.

The markets were divided into three zones A, B and C. Only shops in zone one will be allowed to open in a day. He appealed to the traders not to let any kind of crowd gather in and around their shops. The Commissioner of Police told the traders that establishments like salons, gyms, shopping malls and beauty parlours will not be allowed to open nor would shopkeepers be allowed to do any kind of procession to raise their demands. (UNI)