PU team develops hand sanitizer

PU team develops hand sanitizer

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Chandigarh, Mar 19 : The team at the Department of Chemistry, Panjab University has developed a laboratory made sanitizer as per World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations which can be used to protect against viral and bacterial strains. The team of research scholars that have developed the sanitizer is led by Dr Rohit Kumar Sharma under the mentorship of Prof K N Singh.

The developed sanitizer consists of a solution of isopropyl alcohol/ethanol with additions of glycerol, hydrogen peroxide and deionized water as per WHO recommendation. The initial aim of developing this sanitizer free of charge is to provide it for the university employees such as gatekeepers and other employees who are in the first line of public dealing. Vice Chancellor Prof Raj Kumar acknowledged and appreciated the efforts of Dr Rohit K. Sharma and the Chemistry department in developing the much needed sanitizer. He expressed his desire that this sanitizer should be made in bulk and provided to as many people as possible on a ‘no profit no loss’ basis.

The Vice Chancellor emphasized that Panjab University should be playing the leading role in educating and empowering society in light of the coronavirus threat. Dr Rohit Sharma said that the cost of alcohol raw material for such sanitizers has suddenly increased in the last few days as the stocks have started depleting due to less supply from the distributors. This has also led to manifold increase in cost for preparation of such sanitizers. However, he said that such sanitizers can be provided to the general public by the university if the city administration can help in making sure that the raw materials are supplied in sufficient quantity in coming days. (UNI)