COVID-19: PU closes canteens, entry of outsiders

COVID-19: PU closes canteens, entry of outsiders

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Chandigarh, Mar 19 : In the wake of spread of Novel Coronavirus, Panjab University on Thursday decided to ban the entry of outsiders in hostels and closing of canteens in all hostels. A PU statement said here that after the first case of COVID-19 infection was reported in Sector21 here, a meeting was conducted by Prof Emanual Nahar, Dean Student Welfare and Prof Neena Capalash, Dean Student Welfare (W), to discuss the matters relating to PU Hostels.

The decisions taken in the meeting, to be implemented with immediate effect, include banning entry of outsiders in the Hostels, making mandatory carrying ID cards all the time for checking while entering into the hostels, and closure of canteens in all the hostels, among others. It was told that one mess in each hostel except Boys Hostel No 8 and International Hostel will remain open, where breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided to the residents.

Those working in the Canteens/Messes, which are closed, were advised not to stay in the hostels. Carrying ID cards was also made mandatory for workers working in the messes which are open. A PU spokesperson said heavy fines will be imposed on contractors found packing and providing food to the outsiders and their contract may be cancelled. Also, raw salad/vegetables/cut fruits will not be provided to the residents, he added. Besides, decisions about closure of all shops in the Hostels, health check up of workers at University Health Center, providing masks to the residents, if necessary and restricting mobility of students staying in University hostels within the campus, were also announced. (UNI)