Punjab: 500 feet wide Jania Chahal breach plugged

Punjab: 500 feet wide Jania Chahal breach plugged

Agency News

Chandigarh, Sep 2 : In a major breakthrough, the work of plugging the 500 feet wide breach in river Satluj at Jania village has been accomplished to combat the flood fury on Monday morning.

An official Spokesman said here today that the mammoth operation has been possible due to incessant efforts of the Drainage Department under the direct supervision of the engineers of Indian Army. As many as 2,200 MGNREGA workers from 80 villages, skilled personnel, Panchayats, volunteers from social and religious organisations including Sant Balbeer Singh Seechewal and others contributed in the operation.
The entire work of constructing sand bag embankment and parallel stone embankment to plug Jania Chahal breach is complete. A total of three lakh sand bags, two lakh cubic feet boulders and 270 quintals of Steel wire was pumped in to fill the breach, said he adding that the uninterrupted supply of boulders was warranted by Punjab government from Pathankot.

These boulders were dumped at grain market in village Kamaalpura from where they were ferried to Jania breach in tractor trolleys.

Now, the further strengthening work of this embankment with earthwork has commenced.

Heavy earthmover machinery is being used for the task and it is expected to be complete in coming three to four days.(UNI)