Capt Amarinder should nail officers in CM office taking anti SC decisions: Kainth

Capt Amarinder should nail officers in CM office taking anti SC decisions: Kainth

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Chandigarh, Aug 4 : President of National Scheduled Castes Alliance Paramjit Singh Kainth on Sunday denounced the decision of the state government headed by Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh with regard to the notification issued by the state government to alter Punjab State Services Rules for the candidates belonging to the scheduled castes.

In a statement issued here, Mr. Kainth said that the policies of the Captain Amarinder's government are not different from that of his predecessor Prakash Singh Badal's SAD-BJP government which ruled over the state for continuous ten years with aristocracy to use the SC community only as a vote bank to attain power in the state.

He said that the notification issued by the Captain government was aimed at scrapping the just rights of the SC candidates for which, some officers in the CM's office and CM's house are active and bent upon to take anti dalit decisions to weaken the community which is already reeling under financial and social fabric stress.
He claimed that the facts are being twisted in a planned way before presented to the Chief Minister or the concerned ministers in order to pave the way for scrapping the just rights of the SC community and to divest them of their usual benefits. He said that even the authorities at the Social Welfare Department were not being taken into confidence before taking such decisions so that the benefits are not reached to the down trodden.

He urged the Chief Minister to rein in the officer's active in his office and at the CM's house for carving out such decisions which are against the interests of the scheduled castes. He accused the MPs, MLAs and other functionaries in the Congress party belonging to the SC community for playing a role of mute spectators as for the question of welfare of the community is concerned.

Mr. Kainth said that it was a distressed situation in the state for the SC community where more than 35 pc of the population belongs to the SC community and it is yet struggling to gain strength and prominence in the region socially, politically and economically, he added.

He said that the alliance was in the process to contact the like-minded brethren organizations to expose the black sheep's in the political arena working against the community by keeping mum and silent over the burning issues of the community leading to enhancement in the cases of violence against the scheduled castes.

He said that the cases of injustice, rape, vandalism, exploitation and assassination of dalits are on the increase in the rule of Captain Amarinder Singh which needed immediate attention of the chief minister and remedy without further delay.

He said that due to lethargic attitude of the chief minister, over one lakh SC students were refused admission in the private colleges for the session of 2018-2019 by the managements under post matric scholarship scheme as the government failed to release the amount under the scheme to ensure admission of the SC students.

He cautioned the chief minister to withdraw the notification issued by the state government which is meant to alter the Punjab State Services Rules and declare void and nullify all those decisions taken against the interests of the SC candidates whether they were for to scrap the right of SC candidates appearing in the Punjab Public Service Commission's exams or altering the Punjab State Services Rules failing which the alliance would be forced to launch a mass state level agitation in collaboration with other like-minded organizations to press the government concede the demands of the alliance.

He said that in this regard a meeting of the alliance to discuss the further course of action will be convened in Chandigarh next week.(UNI)