Chhina asks Sidhu to resign from Congress party too

Chhina asks Sidhu to resign from Congress party too

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Amritsar, Jul 18 : Senior BJP leader Rajinder Mohan Singh Chhina on Thursday asked Navjot Singh Sidhu to resign from the Congress party too after quitting his cabinet berth in the Captain Amarinder Singh government.

In a statement here, the BJP leader said Sidhu and his wife Navjot Kaur Sidhu always resort to the `theatrical presentations’ and they have no time for the public issues and challenges as they take politics just for personal gratification of acquiring posts and positions.

Mr Chhina said Sidhu is a liability for the Congress and not an asset and thus either he should resign or the party high command must expel him from all the posts he holds in the party.

He said from the beginning when Sidhu’s career in politics started, he had been adopting tricks to blackmail the party leaders whenever his whims and wishes are not fulfilled.

"If you (Sidhu) can not address the issues confronting the general public and can not find the solutions what for you are in the political arena. It is high time you resign from all the public posts”, said Chhina, adding that just by hiding oneself away from public view what kind of message Sidhu was sending to the public. He said the Congress high command itself is in crises following the resignation by Rahul Gandhi and Sidhu was a just adding to the woes of the party.

Earlier in BJP also Sidhu used to adopt similar tactics of hit and run model of politics and the BJP did not entertained his drama and he went to Congress but he now stands exposed, the BJP leader said. (UNI)