Agriculture dept urges farmers to use pesticides with green triangle

Agriculture dept urges farmers to use pesticides with green triangle

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Muktsar , Jun 30: Department of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare, Muktsar has urged the farmers of the district to follow the recommendations of the Punjab Agriculture University (PAU) and Department of Agriculture for cultivation of paddy and Basmati to avoid unnecessary expenditures.

Mr Baljinder Singh Brar, District Agriculture Officer said most of the farmers are using agro-chemicals and fertilizers which are not needed at all. On the one side, this phenomenon is increasing the expenditure of farmers and the other side also polluting our soil and water resources.

Divulging the details Mr. Brar said if the recommended dose of DAP has been applied to wheat crop then DAP can be skipped in succeeding Paddy, Basmati and Cotton crops. 15 to 20 kg of Zinc Sulphate 21 per cent can be applied to Paddy/Basmati crop.

He said some farmers are applying mixture of soil and Ferrous Sulphate in the standing crops, to overcome the iron deficiency in the sandy soils, which is totally a wrong practice. He said if there is an iron deficiency, one kg ferrous sulphate and one kg manganese sulphate should be sprayed in 150 litres of water at weekly intervals.

He added that many farmers are putting carbendazim in the standing crop for the prevention of foot rot disease, which has no use. This disease can be treated through seed and seedling treatment. Before the transplanting of nursery, the root of the seedling should be dipped in a solution of 1% carbendazim for 6 hours.
Karanjit Singh, Project Director of ATMA, appealed to the farmers not to use chemical in granulated form in paddy.

Similarly, the use of glyphosate has also been banned by the government. He urged the farmers to avoid the use of acephate, triazophos, thiomethoxam, carbendazim tricyclazole, buprofezin, carbofuran, propiconazole, and thiophanate methyl in paddy basmati, because their residue remains in grains, which is harmful for human health.He urged the farmers to use pesticides with green triangle only, which are less harmful to environment, land and human health. (UNI)