Jalandhar admin to set up Nanak Bagichies to commemorate 550th Parkash Purv of Guru Nanak Dev ji

Jalandhar admin to set up Nanak Bagichies to commemorate 550th Parkash Purv of Guru Nanak Dev ji

Agency News

Jalandhar, Jun 15 : Officiating Deputy Commissioner Kulwant Singh on Saturday asked all the Sub Divisional Magistrates and other departments to find suitable land for setting up of Nanak Bagichis to commemorate the 550th Parkash Purv of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

In a communiqué to all the SDMs and the department, he said these state-of-the art Bagichis would enhance the green cover in the district besides checking the environmental pollution in it.He said besides others, these bagichis would have native species of trees like Harad, Baheda, Jamoa, Jamun, Arjun, Amrood, Aam, Amla, Kikkar, Rajain, Jand, Neem and others, which were very beneficial for the human health besides environment.

Mr Singh said these Bagichis would be set up with Japanese technique under layered plantation would be done which ensures 30 times denser growth of plants and hence better carbon-dioxide absorption.He said Nanak Bagichis spread across the vast expanse of land would be in fact a milestone in reducing green house gases and mitigating negative effect of climate change in the district. He envisioned that besides checking environmental pollution these Bagichis would also help in improving ground water recharge thereby improving the overall health of the district.

He said these Bagichis would be a real tribute to Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji who laid the foundation of protecting air, water, biodiversity and forests through his teachings.Mr Singh said this campaign would be pivotal in enhancing the shrinking green cover in the district. He said after the identification of suitable land the massive plantation drive would be started for setting up these Bagichis across the district. (UNI)