Punjab farm holders under heavy debt

Punjab farm holders under heavy debt

Agency News

Nearly 90 per cent of the semi-medium farm households in Punjab are under debt while for marginal, small, medium and large farm categories, these are 83.33, 88.64, 84.09 and 82.61 per cent respectively. So also, 80.7 per cent of farm  labour households are under debt according professors of Punjabi University, Patiala.

A study they conducted revels the average debt per indebted farm household in the rural area is Rs 5.52 lakh while the average debt per indebted  labourer household is Rs 68, 329.88.

Dr. Gian Singh, Punjabi University economic professor, said, 'It is an utmost necessity to revisit the land reforms in favour of marginal and small farmers. Moreover,  labourers are an important section of the community and they need to be looked after.'

He said that apart from large-scale farmers, all the other categories of farmers were facing a huge crisis. 'Due to high diesel and fertilizer prices along with other expenses, there has been a sharp decline in profitability. The cost of input has been increasing faster than the output. For labourers, everything is at stake to make ends meet,' he added.