No Modi hardline stand, but India’s one against terror and security threat: Amarinder

No Modi hardline stand, but India’s one against terror and security threat: Amarinder

Agency News

Chandigarh, Apr 27: Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh on Saturday made it clear that he had not 'backed (Prime Minister) Modi’s hardline', but had always taken a hardline stand against terrorism and threats to India’s security, as propounded by every government at the Centre since 1947.
The Chief Minister asserted that there was no `Modi hardline’ stand to be emulated or backed, as sought to be projected by a TV channel, but `a national hardline’ stand that the Congress had always taken against Pakistan’s attempt to foment terror and unleash war on Indian soil.
Nowhere in his interview with the TV channel had he said he was a supporter of `Modi’s hardline’ or ‘stands with NDA against terror, said Capt Amarinder in a statement, soon after the telecast of the TV interview, in which he had clearly and vehemently lambasted the Prime Minister and the BJP for trying to take credit for the victory of the defence forces in Balakot.
The interpretation sought by the channel to be given to his statements was ridiculous, said Capt Amarinder in his statement, trashing the suggestion that it was Modi’s and BJP’s hardline stand that he was favouring.
On the contrary, what he had said in his interview, while taking strong exception to the BJP’s claims, was, “The Prime Minister has no business claiming this victory….these kinds of operations have been happening at the Pak border for the last 50 years.”
“Who says this has not been done before. It was done in 1947, 1965, 1971 and during the Kargil operations,” he had further stated, pointing out that the government of the day had taken the decision in the interest of the nation’s security. Just because Modi is in office, he can not go around flexing his muscles for an action of the armed forces, the Chief Minister said.
In his interview, Capt Amarinder also demolished the theory that the Congress was favouring talks with Pakistan even though terrorism was still being unleashed from across the border. The Congress had spoken of talks only on the issue of military de-escalation post the Balakot operation, he said, completely delinking the matter from terrorism.
Responding candidly to some tough questions, the Chief Minister said withdrawal of AFSPA, as promised in the Congress manifesto, was linked with peace. On the dilution of the sedition oaw, he backed the Congress manifesto promise saying there was any number of laws already available in the country to deal with such situations. “We have to de-escalate somewhere,” as he put it.
On the so-called denial of ticket for Priyanka Gandhi Vadra to fight against Modi from Varanasi, Capt Amarinder said she already had a load of responsibilities, which she could not do justice to if she chose to enter the electoral fray. There was plenty of time still for Priyanka, who had just entered active politics, he said, describing her an intelligent and perceptive lady.
He trashed the dynastic politics charges against the Gandhi family, saying the people of India were free to vote for whom they liked. Rahul’s performance had been improving by the day and the Congress was clearly well positioned to win the election, he asserted. (UNI)