PM seeks voters ‘blessings’ in Guj

PM seeks voters ‘blessings’ in Guj

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Patan, Apr 21: Riding nationalist fervour to keep edge in election, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday urged people of Gujarat to ensure a historic turnout and sought their 'blessings' by giving him all the 26 seats in the state.

"On May 23 the counting day the result would be again for the Modi government. The country and you have already decided that but suppose if for any reason it did not happen. They the TV channels won't debate anything else other than what happened in Gujarat. They will show only and only this. Will you let it happen. Whose responsibility is it to take care of this lad of your family", Modi said while he was addressing a political rally here on Sunday, the last day of campaigning before the state's 26 Lok Sabha seats go to polls on April 23.

He said that the people of Gujarat were his seniors, Guru as well as friends. "I am son of North Gujarat, son of whole of Gujarat. I have right on you as much as you have over me. I in fact don't even need to deliver speeches for votes here in my home. I have come to take you blessings. The whole of Gujarat should give me such blessing that no one get a chance to taunt at me," he said adding that he was born in this soil.

Modi said that like the former Army Chief General Kariappa he too felt most joyous when he got honour in his own land. 'It gives me new energy and power and to do new things for my country,' he said. (UNI)