BJP manifesto a bundle of lies and jumlas: Amarinder

BJP manifesto a bundle of lies and jumlas: Amarinder

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Chandigarh, Apr 8 : In a scathing criticism of the BJP manifesto or Sankalp Patra, Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh on Monday termed the saffron party's poll manifesto as a ‘bundle of lies’ and full of 'jumlas'.

"BJP’s attempt to again befool the people would backfire in these elections as the party, having failed to deliver on any of its earlier promises, had chosen to set aside the key issues of concern to the masses", Capt Amarinder said.

He pointed out that the BJP manifesto does not talk of jobs, nor does it explain the absence of the earlier promised Rs 15 lakh to every citizen and said that the ruling party had, through this thoughtless document, exposed its total lack of concern for the welfare of the people.

“It is nothing but another long list of jumlas from the `jumla sarkar’ of Narendra Modi,” said the chief minister, adding that there was nothing in the manifesto for the upliftment of any section of the society.

Even though farmers continue to commit suicide, the BJP has not deemed it fit to announce the much-needed national debt waiver scheme for them, said Capt Amarinder, pointing out that even the promise of doubling of farmers’ income was an old one. What was more, the promise of extension of the PM KISAN scheme was clearly prompted by the Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s announcement of NYAY scheme, showing the desperation of the BJP in the face of their imminent defeat in these parliamentary elections, he added.

Instead of waiving off farmers’ loans to rescue them from their unmanageable debt burdens, the BJP was promising more loans in the shape of new agriculture credit-card loans, the Chief Minister noted.

Capt Amarinder dubbed it shameful as BJP’s continued attempt to revel in the glory of the defence forces, saying the party manifesto’s attempt to exploit the accomplishments of the armed forces for political gains was shameful and condemnable.

“They talk and preach nationalism but indulge in divisive and communal politics, thus nailing their lies and exposing their petty mindset,” he added.

Reacting to the Prime Minister’s statement that the BJP was set to fulfill the aspirations of the people after addressing their needs, the Chief Minister challenged him to list out even one need of the people that the government had met in the last five years. All they had done in the past five years was to perpetrate all kinds of injustices on the people of the country and divide the society for their own gains, he added.

“India will not forgive you,” Capt Amarinder warned the BJP, adding that the people of the country deserved and wanted a change for the better. (UNI)