Fishers Sikhs donate 6000 dollar in gift cards, serve Indian food to TSA employees

Fishers Sikhs donate 6000 dollar in gift cards, serve Indian food to TSA employees

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Indianapolis, Jan 29 : Sikh Community of Fishers, Indiana, has donated gift cards worth 6000 dollar and served food to the employees of Transport Security Administration at the Indianapolis Airport here.

Sikhs Political Action Committee founder and chairman Gurinder Singh Khalsa along with the other members of the Sikh Community of Fishers, made coordinated efforts with Mario Rodriguez, Executive Director of the Indianapolis Airport Authority and Aaron Batt, TSA Federal Security Director to support the Indianapolis Airport TSA agents who were impacted by the extended Government shut-down.

Besides 6000 dollar in gift, grocery cards, hot Indian food and pizza were served to over 250 TSA agents at the Indianapolis Airport from 12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m. Even though the Government is temporarily open, the Sikh Community still followed through with this act of selfless service, according to Gurinder Singh Khalsa.

Speaking on the occasion, Federal Security Director- Indiana Transportation Security Administration Aaron E Batt said "Thank you (Mr Gurinder Singh Khalsa) for recognizing the professionalism and commitment of the Transportation Security Officers here at Indianapolis International Airport. As you know, the men and women at TSA have been in a very difficult situation, not knowing when they will be paid, but yet they have not allowed that uncertainty to get in the way of fulfilling our mission to protect the nation's transportation systems. Their commitment and drive to protect the community is motivated when people like yourself recognize their sacrifices and offer assistance."

“The communities’ generosity is overwhelming and amazing,” said Aaron Batt. Not every TSA agent is in need, but there certainly are many who are. Gift cards will be shared with those who truly have compelling stories of needs which need to be immediately met.

In appreciation of the noble gesture of the Sikh Community, Mr Aaron Batt presented TSA Indiana Challenge Coin to Mr Gurinder Singh and other members of the Sikh Community of Fishers.

Mr Aaron said "I am enclosing a unique TSA Indiana Challenge Coin that recognizes those who exhibit our core values of Integrity, Respect and Commitment. Upon removing the coin from the display you will see that one side displays the Department of Homeland Security seal and other side a collective design from our officers locally, capturing some of the unique symbols of Indiana."

"Again, we are grateful for the support and selfless service of the Sikh community in Fishers, Indiana. We wish you the best," concluded Mr Aaron.

Gurinder Singh Khalsa, recently recipient of the Indiana Minority Business Magazine Rosa Parks Trailblazer Award, said "we are very thankful and in future we will like to engage more in the community service and training part. I will talk to the community members regarding training opportunity with TSA."

Mr Gurinder Singh Khalsa also extended Mr Aaron Batt to visit Sikh temple (gurdwara).

The Sikh community of Fishers has multiplied many fold from five families to more than 500 families, and recently launched a $3 million gurdwara (Sikh temple) building project. We are incredibly grateful for the vibrant community we have and want to continue extending the humanitarian principle of sharing the fruits of one’s labor with others,” Gurinder Singh has recently explained. “The Community kitchen is the hallmark of our mission and is opened to the entire community.”