Harsimrat asks Amarinder to tell whether he had asked Rahul Gandhi to expel Tytler

Harsimrat asks Amarinder to tell whether he had asked Rahul Gandhi to expel Tytler

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Chandigarh, Jan 9: Union Food Processing Minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal on Tuesday asked Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh to tell the people of the state whether he had asked Congress president Rahul Gandhi to expel 1984 genocide perpetrator Jagdish Tytler from the party and remove co-accused Kamal Nath as Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh.

In a statement here, Ms Harsimrat Badal said the entire Sikh community wanted to know whether Capt Amarinder had flagged off the concerns of the ‘qaum’ with the Congress President during his meeting with the latter yesterday. “The community also wants to know whether Capt Amarinder is with them in their quest for justice for the victims of the 1984 mass murders or has become a party to shielding the culprits to save his chair”.

She said it was also important for Sikhs to know whether the Chief Minister had corrected his own views on the involvement of Tytler in the massacres following court verdicts that the killers had escaped the law for 34 years because they had received political patronage from the Congress family.

“I hope Capt Amarinder will now no longer try to maintain that Tytler is innocent and does not have the blood of innocent Sikhs on his hands. By doing he would only insult the widows of victims who have given evidence against Tytler and want him hanged for his barbaric crimes against humanity”.

The Union Minister said Capt Amarinder should also tell the Sikh community if he had asked Rahul Gandhi to apologize for falsely stating that no Congressman was involved in the 1984 massacres when the courts had now proved otherwise. “Keeping all this in view Tytler should be expelled from the Congress and Kamal Nath should be removed as Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister”.

She rubbished Capt Amarinder’s claims about not receiving money from the centre to develop the Kartarpur Corridor. “Has your government even started the process of land acquisition?” she asked adding “instead of politicizing such a sensitive issue why don’t you start land acquisition and then requisition the centre for funds. Surely you know how governments function?”

Ms Badal also questioned the double speak of Capt Amarinder on the issue of an electoral alliance with Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in the forthcoming parliamentary elections. She said on one hand the Chief Minister had referred to AAP as a defunct party and said there was no need for a tie up while on the other he maintained that the Congress high command could take a decision on an understanding keeping in view the national perspective.

“What does that mean? In case the Congress high command takes a decision in favour of an alliance with AAP will Capt Amarinder join hands and fight the Lok Sabha elections in Punjab with a defunct party?”, she asked. UNI