Claim of CM about Singapore visit is  misleading : LG

Claim of CM about Singapore visit is misleading : LG

Agency News

Puducherry, Nov 13: Stating that the claim of Chief Minister V Narayanasamy that he went to Singapore recently with the approval of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is grossly a misleading statement, Lt.Governor Kiran Bedi on Wednesday said.

The paper the Chief Minister is showing about his visit is only an irregular self appraisal, Ms Bedi said in as whatsapp message. The Lt Governor said Mr Narayanasamy recommending an appraising by self is not the spirit of this form. It is irregular, she said, adding that it is only the beginning of the clearance process and not the end of it.
She also wanted the Chief Minister to make public the details of his recent visit to Dubai.

For what purpose he went to Dubai and with whose approval, she asked and added that the people got the right to know. The Lt.Governor also wanted the details of the visit of a Puducherry Minister to Sri Lanka, for more than 15 times in the recent past be made public.

She wondered whether the clearance of the Government of India was taken and said that the Administrator’s office has no information on record. The Chief Minister may now have to explain to the Government of India, she added. Ms Bedi expressed hope that this shall restrict foreign trips in future.

She also asked to show the clearance obtained by the Minister who accompanied the Chief Minister to Singapore. Could the Chief Minister give his own self administrative approval to the minister, she wondered. Can a simple public servant just inform the Chief Minister and go for a foreign trip, the Lt Governor asked. (UNI)