LG conducts review meeting

LG conducts review meeting

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Puducherry, Oct 11 : Following report of poor quality of education in Puducherry in the survey conducted by the NITI Aayog, Lt.Governor Kiran Bedi on Friday held a review meeting with Secretary and Director, Education and some other officials at Raj Nivas.

The Lt.Governor in a Whatsapp message said that the meeting with the seniors led to putting in place some basic and important systems and practice to reverse the situation.

Realizing that schooling being the basic foundation of every child, it must be paid full attention by taking several measures such as to conduct a Robust year round training programme for all teachers in Puducherry and by involving valuable contributors to ensure revised and updated learning for teachers.

It was also decided to involve award winning teachers of the past to be considered to be “Teacher wardens” of the school they are residing close by to mentor school children and teachers by visiting and contributing in anyway they can.

All officers of the education department should start the day by visiting any one school or college close to their residence before coming to office to see the way the educational institution is running and to provide improvements wherever possible and also to understand their needs.

The visitors such as Secretary, Director, OSD and all others posted in the education department should interact with any class of students to check the quality of teaching and learning being imparted.

Extra class for slow learners need to be ensured by teachers and senior bright students will be identified to be inducted to teach the school students as volunteers and interns, Ms Bedi said. (UNI)