Ex-Minister Kannan floats new party MMC

Ex-Minister Kannan floats new party MMC

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Puducherry, Sep 25 : Former Minister P Kannan on Wednesday floated a new political party “Makkal Munnetra Congress”(MMC).

Mr Kannan made the announcement at a meeting held with his supporters at Kamban Kalai Arangam here. Kannan became a powerful Congress leader in the Union Territory after electing to the post of Youth Congress President in 1980 and continued in the position for the past 35 years. When late G K Moopanar quit the Congress and floated the Tamil Manila Congress, Mr Kannan, a former Rajya Sabha member, also floated the TMC in Puducherry and contested the 1996 assembly election in alliance with the DMK. The TMC won all the seats it had contested and also the TMC-DMK combine captured power from the Congress.

Later, Mr Kannan floated the ‘Puducherry Makkal Congress’ and ‘Puducherry Munnetra Congress’ and failed in his efforts.

Thereafter, he joined the AIADMK and contested the last assembly election here as an AIADMK candidate from Cassicade constituency. However, he was defeated by K Laksminarayanan of the Congress.

After that ,he kept away from active politics for the last two years and now came out with the announcement of his new party, when the Kamaraj Nagar assembly constituency by-election is to be held on October 21. (UNI)