Govt bans erection of banners

Govt bans erection of banners

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Puducherry, Sep 14 : The Puducherry administration has banned the erection of banners to prevent any injury or danger to human lives.

Collector and District Magistrate Arjun Sharma IAS., in an order on Saturday banned the erection of Banners/Hoardings/Flex Boards Cut-Outs etc under section 144 CrPc without prior permission from concerned local bodies.

Mr Sharma in his order cited that seven commuters sustained injuries when a banner fell over them at the Maramalai Adigal Saalai on September 11. There was no fatality. However a young woman techie died in an accident when a banner fell over her on Thursday evening.

Further, the Madras High Court had taken a serious view and passed directions to prevent erection of unauthorized banners.

The Collector directed the PWD and local bodies staffs to remove any such unauthorized banners forthwith and advised all not to erect any banners without prior permission from the concerned local bodies.

He also cautioned that penal and legal action would be initiated against the violators.