No-confidence motion against Assembly Speaker failed

No-confidence motion against Assembly Speaker failed

Agency News

Puducherry Aug 30: Opposition N R Congress member on Friday tried to rake up the no-confidence motion moved by the Opposition against Speaker in the territorial assembly but went in vain.

When the Speaker Sivakozhunthu moved to the general discussion on Budget, N R Congress member Thirumurugan stood up and asked him about the status of the no-confidence motion. Mr Sivakozhunthu informed the members that there is a time frame for the same and it will be taken up as per assembly rules.

Another N R Congress member N S J Jayabal then pointed out that the no-confidence motion against the Speaker and then how he could conduct the house.

Chief Minister V Narayanasamy intervened and asked the members to study the rules properly and they could not question the speaker on conducting the house.

Following this, the members resumed their seats and Speaker invited Chandra Priyanka to participate in the general discussion on Budget. (UNI)