Hold Local Body elections in UT : Ramadass to Cong govt

Hold Local Body elections in UT : Ramadass to Cong govt

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Puducherry, Jul 23: Former Lok Sabha member from Puducherry Prof.M Ramadass on Tuesday urged the Congress government to hold the Local Body elections in the Union Territory at the earliest and thereby avoid the intervention of Supreme Court and the Central Government.

In a statement here, Mr Ramadass said, the loud assertion of the Union Panchayati Raj Minister Narendra Singh Tomar in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday last, that the States which fail to hold periodic Civic elections will not receive Local Body grants from the Centre, should be a timely signal to the Government of Puducherry.

It should seriously introspect that by not conducting the Local Body elections for eight continuous years, for reasons best known to it, the government has lost substantial sum of grants from the Centre which should have relieved the financial stresses of puducherry to some extent besides providing sufficient infrastructure in rural and urban areas, he said.

Mr Ramadass said Elections would have facilitated the election of 1147 native representatives from grass root level respecting the 73rd and 74th Amendments to the Constitution which were so dearer to the heart of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and satisfying the direction of the Supreme Court.

Rejecting the claim from political parties that the delimitation of wards were not properly done, the former Lok Sabha member said when the population of each Municipality is divided by the average population, the number of wards is obtained. Puducherry Municipality gets 33 wards and Oulgaret 42 wards, he added.

The inequality of wards between these two Municipalities is natural when the population widely varies between them. When the Assembly constituencies were delimited in the past, the number of constituencies in Puducherry increased from 21 to 23 and it was reduced from 6 to 5 in Karaikal and from 2 to 1 in Mahe.

Therefore, the view that delimitation suffers from flaws does not merit consideration and it appears to be an alibi to postpone the Local Body elections further and deprive the grass root people of their due economic, social and political share in the governance of Puducherry, Mr Ramadass said. (UNI)