Affected employees to vote for NOTA

Affected employees to vote for NOTA

Agency News

Puducherry, Apr 8 : Federation of all category employees suffering because of the failure of the Puducherry administration to disburse their salary has decided to cast their vote for NOTA in the April 18 Lok Sabha elections and Thattanchavady assembly constituency by-election here.

In a notice distributed here on Sunday,Federation conveners P Vittal, P Udayakumar, P Valli and T Govardhanan pointed out that in spite of direction from Madras High court the salary for 28 employees of the Women’s Commission were not paid.On the other hand the Puducherry administration went for an appeal and as a result the employees were without salary for 96 months now. The Khadi Board employees were without salary for eight months,ration shops employees for 22 months.PAPSCO,PASIC employees from 22 to 60 months.

They also pointed out the instance of several other institutions which failed to disburse salary to its employees such as Swadeshi,Bharathi and AFT Mills. Hence, they have decided to create a silent revolution and the members of the 15,000 families here will vote for NOTA in the coming elections. (UNI)