Check for drunken driving too essential: Bedi

Check for drunken driving too essential: Bedi

Agency News

Puducherry, Feb 27: Puducherry Lt Governor Kiran Bedi on Wednesday said that a check for drunken driving is essential in Puducherry.

In a social messaging app, Lt Governor, referring to the letter sent by the Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety to Puducherry chief secretary to strictly implement the helmet rule here, said that '' had the law enforcers strictly enforced the law, the SC committee would not have sent the displeasure letter to us.We would have saved lives too which got lost because of fatal head injury accidents.''

Dr Bedi said Puducherry has a very liberal liquor availability policy. Many drivers are driving after consuming alcohol. A massive drive to check alcohol content in the breath through breathalyzers and alcometers is essential too, she further said.

The Transport department should make immediate provisions for purchase of alcometers from road safety fund and do daily checks on alcohol content in the drivers while driving. Helmet check and breath check must go in alignment, even more stringently during the evening hours, Bedi said adding that or else we may get another stinker or reminder from the Apex court. ''Remember,a tipsy rider is a threat to any one on the road besides being at risk himself'' ,she said. (UNI)