Balasore man develops a low cost ventilator, claims to manufacture the unit at Rs 6000

Balasore man develops a low cost ventilator, claims to manufacture the unit at Rs 6000

Agency News

Balasore , Apr 9: At a time while India is facing acute shortage of health care appliances to fight the Coronavirus a man of Sunshet area in Balasore town claimed to have developed a low cost ventilator that could save millions of lives

Sakil Azam Khan,52, who owns a stabiliser manufacturing unit but repairs medical equipment like CT scan, Ultrasound machines and endoscope said his ventilator costs about Rs 6000 per unit.

Sakil claimed that he could produce 10 to 15 units per day if permitted by the authorities. Sakil said after realising acute shortage of ventilators in India he developed interest and manufactured, after managing all spare parts and components which are operational .

“The main component for manufacturing a ventilator is an Ambu bag and the other basic components and accessories required are DC motor,( 12 v , 36 watt , 3 amp) and programmed software and air filter,” said Sakil .

“Since, Ambu bag is not available in the local open market and supply is restricted only to authorized hospitals and health care units, for experimenting, Sakil said he managed to get an old one from a hospital and software to run the unit got programmed by a software engineer .

The technology, after assembling the parts ,was tried and worked successfully. Programmed software would deliver the required amount of oxygen along with heartbeat rate which is required for a patient ,minor, adult and old,” he said .

Sakil’s father had a manufacturing and repairing of electronics goods in Balasore . Sakil after completing Intermediate science (I.Sc) helped his father in his business and learnt the skills from him. Since, there is no vaccine and effective medicine for treatment of COVID-19 and till now ventilator is a life saving gadget, Sakil said he would manufacture them wholeheartedly if his equipment gets approval. (UNI)