CSIR special bus to help make water potable in Fani hit Odisha

CSIR special bus to help make water potable in Fani hit Odisha

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New Delhi, May 8: Council of Scientific and Industrial Research's(CSIR) special bus will help provide safe drinking water to the cyclone affected people of Odisha.

CSIR Director-General Shekhar C Mande told UNI that safe drinking water becomes a major problem after a place gets affected by something like a cyclone and therefore CSIR's bus which has a water filteration unit will help provide potable drinking water by purifying it. It is available in the area with a capacity of treating 2000 litres of water per hour.

Mr Mande said that the speciality of the bus was that it does not need any external power source as the bus engine powers the purifier.

This will be very useful in the area as the power supply has also taken a hit pertaining to the damage done by the cyclone. Mr Mande said that the bus is based on the technology developed by by the CSIR's Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research Institute that specialises in membranes.

Reverse osmosis

He said that the bus will reach the affected areas by Wednesday and commence its operation going across affected villages so that potable water can be provided to people. this bus can purify any kind of dirty water and works on special membrane based technology along with reverse osmosis.

Around 20 such buses were sent to Kerala during the floods, he said. Mr Mande said that it was not only this bus,but other technologies developed by the CSIR have been helpful in such situations that include cyclone proof structures that were built long ago in Bhubaneshwar which were taken as model bulidings to further develop cyclone proof structures that helped the state in giving shelter to affected people and saving them during such situations.

He said that around 75 buildings were built by CSIR in the state that were storm safe. Mr Mande said that based on the structural pyramid design of these buildings many buildings have been built near the coastal areas of Odisha that are lesser prone to damage in such situations.

He also said that in the 'Fani' affected areas, CSIR has distributed one lakh special packets of food that have been specially prepared by Central Food Technology Research Institute.These contain nutritious food items that are ready to eat, he added. (UNI)