Pak praise for Yogi handling of the crisis

Pak praise for Yogi handling of the crisis

Agency News

The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath's government has received unlikely praise from across the border for its handling of the ongoing coronavirus or COVID-19 crisis. However, the Maharashtra government was ridiculed for its mismanagement during the pandemic.

Pakistan's leading daily 'Dawn' editor, Mr. Fahd Husain, took to his official Twitter handle and lauded UP for strictly enforcing the lockdown to contain the virus spread in the state.

Before slamming Pakistan for failing to do a similar thing, Mr. Husain tweeted a graph to compare the coronavirus death toll in Pakistan and UP to explain how the two sides handled the situation and its ramifications.

'The Indian state of UP has a lower mortality rate than Pakistan, Maharashtra has a higher rate despite the younger population and higher GDP/capita. We must know what UP did right and Maharashtra did wrong to learn the right lessons,' he tweeted.