World Environment Day: Kejriwal plants sapling; pledges to protect nature

World Environment Day: Kejriwal plants sapling; pledges to protect nature

Agency News

New Delhi, Jun 5 : Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday planted a sapling at his residence on World Environment Day and urged citizens to pledge that they will protect nature for future generations to come. “Nature and environment are a heritage for generations to come.

On the occasion of World Environment Day, we pledge that we will protect our nature and environment,” Mr Kejriwal said in a tweet. The Delhi CMO tweeted, "Due to Corona, mass tree plantation programs are not happening this year, but the Chief Minister has appealed to everyone to plant trees on their own." The Delhi CMO also posted Mr Kejriwal’s message on World Environment Day. “Today the people of Delhi celebrate World Environment Day in extraordinary circumstances. The events of the last few months remind us that the environment around us is delicately balanced. It takes very little for this balance to be destroyed. But this also a time of opportunity.

Over the last few months the people of Delhi have come forth hand in hand to fight COVID-19 and save thousands of lives. The work has been hard, the sacrifices have been many. But we will prevail,” the CM’s message read. "To fight to protect the Earth's environment will be much harder. And it will not be something that the people of Delhi or India can win alone," said Mr Kejriwal on Twitter. If we come together again, with a common purpose, we can once again achieve tremendous things. I wish all the people of Delhi a very happy World Environment Day. Together let us build a city filled with clean air, pure water and happy, healthy people," Mr Kejriwal’s message read. (UNI