Fight against pandemic with 'flawed' polity

Fight against pandemic with 'flawed' polity

Agency News

New Delhi, Jun 5 : Can Covid-19 or other concurrent calamities be fought unitedly in the world amid the present 'split' polities? The question is doing the rounds on the World Environment Day on Friday as experts advocated for 'improvement' in all spheres of 'Environment'- humane, social, cultural and also political. According to them, there is a 'link' between disasters like Covid and Cyclone as these phenomena are cognate in the sense that they are all products of the tremendous acceleration that occurred over the last 30 years, a period in which extreme forms of neo-liberal capitalism have been imposed upon the world by global elites.

Besides the 'Tit-for-tat' relating to the US and China, bilateral relations between India and China, India and Nepal and India and Pakistan are becoming more tense now and hence the ' question' with regard to joint battle against disasters is 'pertinent,' the experts observed. With more than 143 countries collaborating yearly since 1974, the World Environment Day has been organised annually across the world as a major campaign for environmental concerns. (UNI)