Corona pandemic an opportunity to go for changes in policing: Jharkhand DGP By Amresh Srivastava

Corona pandemic an opportunity to go for changes in policing: Jharkhand DGP By Amresh Srivastava

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New Delhi, Jun 4 : As the lockdown is being eased in the country in phases to revive the economy, Jharkhand Police is using the challenge of Covid-19 pandemic as an opportunity to go for big changes in policing in the tribal-dominated state. Jharkhand Police chief M V Rao said daylong community kitchens had been started in all police stations, helped people in distress, supplied essentials and medicines to elderly and worked with a humane attitude.

'This bonhomie and rapport between the police and public is something exceptionally good, we are very happy about it and we want to take this momentum forward when this pandemic gets over and build a new synergy between the people and police,' Jharkhand Director-General of Police (DGP) said. Talking to UNI, Mr Rao, a 1987 batch IPS officer, said that law abiding people in the state must feel secure and happy while looking at a policeman while the law breakers or offenders should be afraid of a man in khaki.

Dwelling upon the experience of the state police in enforcing lockdown protocols to tackle Corona outbreak, Mr Rao said, 'We found that there were several people who were in need of food, they had neither the ration nor had a place to cook or a place to eat. So, under the guidance of Chief Minister Hemant Soren, we have opened ‘community kitchens’ in every police station of the State and the rations were provided by the state government.

Police personnel organized tents and made decent seating enclosures while maintaining social distancing and fed people in batches between 11 am to 5 pm.’’ Mr Rao said the initiative has resulted in providing 27 lakh cooked meals during the lockdown period. The community kitchen was started at 480 places across the state and was organized even in remote areas. For specially-abled ``Divyang’’ people, food packets were transported in vehicles and distributed at their places. 'These kitchens are still running, providing food for the needy.

The State Chief Secretary Sukhdev Singh has also helped us a lot in serving the people,' he said. Yet another initiative of the state police focused on helping senior citizens who were staying alone and facing difficulties in getting their medicines. Mr Rao said that a WhatsApp message of their prescription was enough for us to deliver the medicines or extend medical assistance or take them to hospitals.

'These initiatives also helped in enforcing the lockdown measures, it’s a psychological impact that when you have a friendly attitude towards the people, they will listen to a policeman while enforcing the Corona protocol. We did not have to use coercive measures or force against people while enforcing these measures during lockdown,' he said. The Jharkhand DGP said the process of bringing about the attitudinal change in the force – making it more people friendly and service oriented -- started long ago by way of community policing and would be further strengthened.(UNI)