Rate of recovery of Corona infection in India is 48.07 per cent: Health Min

Rate of recovery of Corona infection in India is 48.07 per cent: Health Min

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New Delhi, June 2 : Despite India being ranked seventh highest number having patients suffering from Coronavirus in the world, the most positive aspect is that the rate of recovery of patients in the country is constantly increasing while the death rate at 2.82 per cent is also very low here, Health Ministry officials said on Tuesday.

Briefing the press, Health Ministry spokesman Luv Agarwal told reporters it was a wrong comparison to look at total number of Covid-19 cases only and mention that India has seventh highest cases, our population too should be considered, pointing out that "14 countries with total similar population as India have reported 22.5 times more cases and 55.2 times deaths." So far, the recovery rate in the country has been 48.07 per cent in the country after a total of 95,527 patients have become infection free and there are 97,582 active cases.

The Health Ministry spokesman said the figure of Covid-19 infection in the country is being compared to other countries of the world but we should not forget how much population India has and how many cases have surfaced till now and what is the death rate. He said if the comparison was to be done then it should be done on the basis of the population and then you will find that India's infection rate as compared to other countries.

He said the rate of recovery of patients in the country was 11.42 per cent on April 15, 26.59 per cent on May 3, 38.29 per cent on May 18, it has since improved and today it has increased to 48.07 per cent and now 95,527 Corona patients have recovered. He said in 14 countries of the world where more cases of Corona have been seen, their population is equal to India but they have seen 22.5 per cent more Corona cases than India and the number of deaths is 55.2 per cent more than India.

If the percentage of deaths in the whole world is seen, then the average in the world is 6.13 per cent and in India at present it is 2.82 per cent which is the lowest in the whole world. If the number of Corona deaths per lakh population is seen, then it is 4.9 per cent in the whole world but in India it is only 0.41 per cent per lakh and in a country like Belgium this rate is 82.9 percent per lakh. According to the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, 8,171 new cases of Corona have been reported in the past 24 hours, increasing the number of infected to 198,706. During this period, the total number of deaths rose to 5,598 after the death of 204 people. So far, a total of 95,527 people in the country have been recovered from infection and there are 97,582 active cases. (UNI)