Economic growth will be back, says PM

Economic growth will be back, says PM

S. Sivadas

S. Sivadas

The Prime Minister,mr. Narendra Modi said on Tuesday that India would definitely get its economic growth back as the government continued to pursue various reforms.

Speaking at industry association CII's annual session, he said the government had taken tough steps to fight the coronavirus pandemic and had also taken care of the economy.

'On the one hand, we have to save the lives of our people, and on the other, we have to stabilise and speed up the economy,' he said.

'Yes, we will definitely get our growth back,' he asserted.

He said he got the confidence from farmers, small businesses and entrepreneurs for getting the economic growth back.

'Corona may have slowed our speed (of growth) but India has now moved ahead from lockdown with phase one of unlock. Unlock Phase-1 has reopened a large part of the economy.'

He said intent, inclusion, investment, infrastructure and innovation are crucial for India to revert to a high-growth trajectory.

'For us, reforms are not any random or scattered decisions. For us, reforms are systemic, planned, integrated, inter-connected and futuristic,' he said.

He noted that 'for us, reforms mean courage to take decisions and take them to logical conclusions.'