Year of disaster, says Congress

Year of disaster, says Congress

Agency News

The Congress on Friday described the first year of the Modi government as a 'year of disappointment, disastrous management and diabolical pain'. The party leader, Mr. K C Venugopal, said the six years of the Modi dispensation have seen fraying of bonds of empathy, fraternity and brotherhood with increase in acts of communal and sectarian violence.

The party's chief spokesperson, Mr. Randeep Surjewala, said that at the end of six years, it appears the Modi government is at war with its people and is inflicting wounds on them, instead of healing them. 'It is inflicting wounds on Mother India.'

“This government is trying to fill coffers of the select rich and is inflicting pain on the poor,' Mr. Surjewala said. On the BJP’s charge of the Congress playing politics over the COVID-19 crisis, Mr. Venugopal said the opposition party did not indulge in any politics and gave suggestions instead.

'Being a responsible opposition, it is our duty to raise the problems faced by the common people. As opposition, we highlighted the failures of the government,' he said.

Mr. Venugopal said the government 'is totally insensitive' to the plight of migrant labourers and farmers. Mr. Surjewala also demanded that a virtual session of Parliament be convened immediately to discuss pressing issues and the due process be set in motion for holding of meetings of various parliamentary committees. Mr. Modi and his cabinet had taken oath on this day last year for a second term in office.