Review like Parl needed in other 'Pillars': Experts

Review like Parl needed in other 'Pillars': Experts

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New Delhi, May 27 : India needs an overhaul of it's entire administrative machinery to help fight both- concurrent calamities like Covid-19, cyclone 'Amphan'- and the growing border tensions between countries.

This was observed here on Wednesday by experts days after Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla asked for a comprehensive review of the Parliamentary panel system that examines Budget and important Government policies. ''Such review should also be undertaken in the other main spheres of activities- the other 'Pillars' of the Constitution- Executive, Judiciary and the media, " the experts felt. This view was aired by them a day after Sino-Indian border tension escalated with Chinese President Xi Jinping ordering his military to scale up "battle preparedness" and India announcing "no step back" from areas where Chinese troops have intruded. Meanwhile, the country's Covid death toll has touched 4,337. (UNI)