Kejriwal salutes ‘Dilli Ke Heroes’

Kejriwal salutes ‘Dilli Ke Heroes’

Agency News

New Delhi, May 27 : In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Delhi has witnessed people like doctors, nurses, bus marshals, civil defense volunteers, emerging as real heroes, and assisting the Delhi government in helping people in need during the Corona lockdown. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday took to twitter to address these people as #DilliKeHeroes.

He thanked all the heroes for their efforts and bravery and said that these people are the biggest strength behind Delhi's fight against the Corona pandemic. “Most of us were locked in our homes during the COVID epidemic. But some Delhiites were serving the people of the city and the country. The entire Delhi salutes these #DilliKeHeroes. I will begin sharing the stories of such heroes on social media from today,” the CM tweeted. Mr Kejriwal tweeted a video of Vijay, who is working as a cook in a hunger relief centre in Delhi.

His tweet read, “Our cooks in the Hunger Relief Centres are working for a noble cause and feeding the people in this pandemic. They feed around 10 lakh people daily. The entire Delhi salutes the bravery of these #DilliKeHeroes”. “These are the real heroes of Delhi-Community Kitchen Cooks, Civil Defence Volunteers, Teachers and Principals (Ration distribution), Police, ASHA Workers, Doctors, Nurses and Bus drivers, conductors, marshalls,” the CM added. (UNI)