Swamy to sue UN official for defamation

Swamy to sue UN official for defamation



The BJP MP, Dr. Subramanian Swamy, has decided to sue United Nations Under-Secretary-General, Mr. Adama Dieng, for defamation after he accused Dr. Swamy of an anti-Muslim hate speech. Rubbishing the allegations, he also questioned the credibility of Mr. Dieng's source of information.

Dr. Swamy said: 'I am honoured and encouraged to receive from the BJP National President J.P. Nadda and office bearers their best wishes for success on my endeavour to prosecute for defamation the United Nations Under-Secretary-General Mr. Adama Dieng. I am also thankful to the MEA for facilitation.'

This tweet indicates that the BJP MP has the backing from both his saffron party and the government in his latest legal offensive against the UN official.

The situation escalated after Mr. Dieng on Monday lashed out at the MP for his alleged statements where he said that 'all people are not equal', and that 'Muslims are not in an 'equal category' as others' and termed them alarming.

He further said that 'hate speech and the dehumanisation of others go against international human rights norms and values.'

Mr. Dieng was speaking on the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 and said that it should also include Muslims in order to be non-discriminatory.

Excluding Muslims 'is contrary to India's obligations under international human rights law, in particular on non-discrimination,' he was quoted as saying. The UN official, however, failed to explain how a law which has been brought to protect religious minorities from Pakistan and Afghanistan, which are officially Islamic countries, and Muslim-majority Bangladesh, would apply to the members of the majority religion there.

In his letter to the Foreign Secretary, Mr. Harsh Shringala, Dr. Swamy said that there is no such statement of him either in Parliament during the debate on CAA, nor in any interview, he has given anywhere.