Lockdown has failed to contain Covid-19: Rahul Gandhi

Lockdown has failed to contain Covid-19: Rahul Gandhi

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New Delhi, May 26 : Asserting that the four stages of lockdown have failed to achieve its desired results, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said the government should spell out its strategy as the number of Covid-19 cases is on a rise.

Addressing a press conference through video conferencing, the Congress leader said, 'Lockdown has failed. India is the only country where lockdown is opening when cases are rising exponentially. The aim and purpose of the lockdown has failed. India is facing the result of a failed lockdown. The Prime Minister said we'll defeat Covid-19 disease in 21 days. Sixty days later, disease is on a rise. The government should spell out as to what the NDA government plans to do going forward as the disease is growing.

' Stating that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gone on the backfoot, Mr Gandhi said that he should come out and address the nation again on what the government plans to do going forward. He requested the government to take economic action, inject cash and help small and medium businesses. 'I request the government to please take economic action, inject cash, help small and medium businesses, or we will face massive losses.

We shouldn't worry about what other countries think about us. We need to protect the soul and strength of the country" the former party president said. Accusing the government of ignoring the interests of migrant workers, he said, 'Many of the migrant workers have told me that their trust has been broken, I don't want any Indian to say those words. I have been speaking to migrant labourers and daily wage workers and they have a sense of hopelessness.

They have a sense that they have been left alone.' Mr Gandhi said that states are fighting a lonely battle. 'States are fighting a lonely battle. Support from the Centre is inadequate,' he said. Mr Gandhi said that the NDA government does not have an exit policy for the lockdown. 'Due to the non-lockdown situation and haphazard opening, there will be a second wave of corona which will be extremely devastating,'he said. (UNI)