Lockdown has failed, says Rahul

Agency News

The Congress leader, Mr. Rahul Gandhi, said on Tuesday the purpose of lockdown has failed in India as he referred to the spike in Coronavirus cases in the last few days. Addressing the media, he said that India is the only country in the world which is removing lockdown when the virus is exponentially rising.

'It is pretty clear that the aim and purpose of lockdowns has failed in India,' the former party president said.

Attacking the Prime Minister for his earlier comments that lockdown was to save thousands of lives, he said, 'Four stages of lockdown have not given the result that the Prime Minister expected.'

The fourth phase of the lockdown will end on May 31. Unlike the past two phases when strict measures were in place on the movement of the public, the government provided considerable relaxations in the third and fourth phases.

The country has reported a spurt in the last few days. According to the Health Ministry data, over 6,500 new coronavirus cases were reported in the last 24 hours, taking the tally to 1,45,380. It said 146 people have died in the last 24 hours taking the overall toll to 4,167. India is now among the list of 10 countries that are badly affected.

Mr Gandhi also questioned the Modi government’s plan to deal with the situation as the virus continues to wreak havoc.

'What is the central government planning to do going forward as the disease is growing? What is the government’s strategy as far as opening up India is concerned; how does it intend to help migrants, states,' he asked.

He reiterated that the Centre must infuse cash to people. 'It will be fatal if they do not do it,' he said.

'A dangerous situation will arise if financial support to people, industry is not given,' he said.

He also asked the Centre 'to support states' and added that it will be difficult for Congress-ruled states to function without Central support.

Several Congress-ruled states have accused the Modi government of not providing adequate help to tide over the COVID crisis.