Govt's lockdown strategy has failed; COVID-19 is exponentially rising: Rahul

Agency News

New Delhi, May 26 : Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said the aim and purpose of the curfew has not been achieved and that the country is facing the result of a failed lockdown. “Two months ago, the Prime Minister had said that we were going to defeat Covid-19 in 21 days. He expected to defeat the virus in 21 days.

Now, 60 days into lockdown we are the only country where the virus is exponentially rising and we’re lifting the lockdown”, Mr Gandhi said in a press conference via videoconferencing. “It's pretty clear that the aim & purpose of our lockdown has failed. What India is facing now is the result of a failed lockdown. What we, in the Congress party and a lot of others, want to understand is what is the government’s view going forward”, he said, adding that the country has been facing a very serious unemployment problem for a while.

“Make in India and other initiatives have not given expected results. Now Coronavirus has multiplied the problem of unemployment”, he added. 'With utmost respect we want to ask the Prime Minister and the government, now that we have a failed lockdown, what is their strategy going forward?”, the Congress leader said.

Mr Gandhi asked what is the strategy regarding opening India? 'What precautions will they take to now curb the disease? How will they support migrants? How will they support state governments and MSMEs?”, he questioned, adding, “We had great expectations and there were multiple press conferences regarding the package. The Prime Minister said 10 per cent of GDP but in reality less than 1 per cent of GDP is being given and mostly in loans. Hardly any cash is being given to people”. More (UNI)