Modi's economic plans mark him as nationalist and Karamyogi: Aquil Ahmad

Modi's economic plans mark him as nationalist and Karamyogi: Aquil Ahmad

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New Delhi, May 19 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s belief on self-reliance is meant to make the people of the country conscious of their inherent power and capabilities and his economic plans truly manifested in present times, mark him as a nationalist, an activist and a 'Karam Yogi', says National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language Director Shaikh Aquil Ahmad.

In his article 'Modi, Covid & Swadeshi', Dr Ahmad said, 'Modi’s economic plans which has truly manifested in present times marks him as a nationalist, an activist and a 'Karam Yogi' who takes pride in being an Indian and practising and preaching Indianness.' ‘Sab Ka Sath Sab Ka Vikas’ stands for Modi’s firm belief that ideological disputes are a luxury which the poor and underprivileged brethren cannot afford at any juncture of time and the country should adopt such policies which ensures wholesome benefits to the population, he said, adding that hence, Modi has always stood for negotiation and harmony as a mode of his political endeavours.

He stressed that, 'The central concern of our Prime Minister is to make the people increasingly conscious of their age- old economic traditions and common destiny. Deriving strong inspiration from Swami Vivekananda, Modi’s logic of making small and cottage industries the core of our economy, seems to clearly reflect Vivekananda’s call for inculcating faith in individual abilities and instilling in them a strong sense of self.'

Vivekananda had given a steadfast call to his country men to be their own help and not rely on an external impositions, material or otherwise, he said and strongly felt that this essence of Vivekananda’s man making process where every individual is called upon to bring forth his dormant abilities and cooperate with the government find apt reflection in Modi’s approach to deal with diverse situations.

Dr Ahmad maintained that Mr Modi's present economic package with Swadeshi holding its sway is in fact the beginning of a systematic and concrete programme to restructure the working of the economy in a way that would create conditions which the assertion of individual dignity actually calls for. 'Such an attitude would help unleash a strong and unending flow of home made goods, catering to the requirements of all sections of our population. This would gradually reduce the hegemonic hold of cheap and substandard quality imported goods on the society,' he asserted.

With the production of more and more indigenous goods various economic groups would begin to positively redefine their relations with state, capital, the market and with the society at large. 'We must all agree in one voice that Modi’s present economic policy with an unambiguous thrust on small scale and indigenous industries will in the long run strengthen the bond of civic society with the political society so much so that the structure of power would be more acceptable and more legitimate,' the NCPUL Director said.

The logic of such predicament is that the people both at the periphery and mainstream levels would then begin to identify themselves and their wellbeing with their own nation.