India's covid cases cross one lakh mark

India's covid cases cross one lakh mark

S. Sivadas

S. Sivadas

India’s Covid case count on Tuesday crossed the one lakh mark reaching 1,01,139 cases and 3,163 deaths even as India continued to be the 11th country in the world with the maximum infection load.

Deaths touched 3,163 cases with 39,173 recoveries so far.

Daily rise in cases was 4,970.

The national cure rate surged to 38.73 per cent in positive signs that more and more people infected with Covid were recovering and going home.

Two in five persons are getting cured, with the government hoping this rate will further improve.

The increasing caseload is being attributed to potential infection clusters that may emerge due to Indian returnees from abroad and migrants returning home.

India on Monday expanded a testing strategy to cover many more people to find infection early.

Among countries reporting top infections globally (India is the 11th most COVID affected in the world), India’s confirmed cases per lakh population are the lowest at 7.1, where the world average is 60. Corresponding rates in the US are 431, Russain Federation 195, the UK 361, Spain 494, Italy 372, Brazil 104, Germany 210, Turkey 180, France 209, Iran 145 and India 7.1.