WHO to consider India's demand on its role

WHO to consider India's demand on its role

Agency News

The crucial General Assembly of the World Health Organisation (WHO) will meet for two days from Monday to consider an India-backed resolution seeking an impartial and independent evaluation of the institution’s role in the current pandemic.

The list of countries backing the resolution makes it clear that the intent is not to target the WHO Director General, Mr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

Among those that have co-sponsored the resolution are ones that will not lend weight to an anti-China resolution. Bangladesh, Belarus, Indonesia, Mozambique, Moldova, Russia, Turkey and Zambia are some of the co-sponsors whose interests in WHO are more wide-ranging.

However, there will be considerable heat as all heads of delegation will address the Assembly. It will also consider a proposal relating to electing a new DG.

The probe sought by over 60 countries is one among a large number of proposals mentioned in the exhaustive seven-page resolution. The resolution has at times applauded the WHO’s efforts and appreciated its role in controlling the pandemic in developing countries, especially Africa, whose 53 countries have tended to back Mr. Ghebreyesus, an Ethiopian.

The resolution has also sought details of actions of the WHO and its timelines for the Covid. Indicating that the countries behind the proposal were not entirely satisfied with the WHO, they have sought a report on improving global pandemic prevention, preparedness and response capacity.