NDMC collects door to door Covid-19 household waste from quarantine homes

NDMC collects door to door Covid-19 household waste from quarantine homes

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New Delhi, May 18 : With the aim to collection of highly infected Covid-19 waste from quarantine houses and its proper disposal in a scientific manner, New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) has made a mechanism to collect household waste from door to door of quarantine home in which coronavirus related person or patients are residing in its jurisdictions area.

Every day at 0700 hrs, the NDMC starts collecting Bio-Medical hazardous waste from each and every house which has people with Covid19 persons or patients in quarantine. The list of the houses is being provided by the District Magistrate - New Delhi office in advance on a daily basis of approximately 30 to 40 in numbers. A driver of the vehicle and two other employees are deployed for the purpose and they are daily equipped with full new personal protection equipment (PPE) kit items to provide full protection from Covid19 infection while collecting hazardous waste from these quarantine houses in the NDMC area.

The collected waste materials from the quarantine houses are being filled in yellow bags which were already treated with sodium hypochlorite solution. After filling the bag, it is sealed by a tight tag and loaded on the vehicle designated for transportation of this type of waste.

During this lockdown period, daily by 1000 hrs all these collected garbage bags are approximately 150 kg to 200 kg in weight and then given to BioTec Solutions agency for final disposal in a scientific manner as per guidelines of Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC). This agency is also collecting the waste from Birla Mandir Dharmshala quarantine centre and YWCA isolation centre for Covid19 patients in NDMC area. (UNI)