Rahul expresses reservations on eco package, says govt should put money directly in hands of poor

Rahul expresses reservations on eco package, says govt should put money directly in hands of poor

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New Delhi, May 16: Expressing reservations over the economic package announced by the government, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday called on the government to put money into the bank accounts of migrant workers and other people who have been severely hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

He told reporters via video conferencing, "I have serious reservation about the nature of economic package government has given. Prime Minister should reconsider this package. The RS 20 lakh crore package of the government lacks demand generator. No point is giving loans to MSME if there is no demand. Modiji should think about direct cash transfer, 200 working days under MNREGA, money for farmers, because they are the future of India. Mother India needs to give money to its children in the time of this crisis.” Rahul also said the package only offers loans and it will not revive the demand. “To fire demand, we need to directly transfer cash. When a child is hurt, the mother protects her children. She doesn’t give a loan. That’s what pains me as a citizen,” he said.

Referring to the NYAY scheme mooted by Congress during the Lok Sabha polls last year, which offered annual income support of Rs 72,000 to the poorest sections of society, Congress urged the government to come up with a similar plan. “The migrants workers who are walking home with empty stomach, the farmers...they don't need loans, they need money. We must support them. If we do not, this will become a catastrophic problem,” he said.

Accusing the government of being oblivious to the plight of migrants Rahul said, “The biggest migration since independence is underway, triggered by policies divorced from India’s ground realities and Ignoring the needs of our most vulnerable, who have been left to fend for themselves. Yet govt hasn’t shown any plan to help them.' 'Migrant labourers have to be brought home safely, they are still walking on foot. I have requested the government to test them and bring them home safely.”(UNI)