Vice Prez Venkaiah Naidu
Vice Prez Venkaiah Naidu

Oppn dominance in RS has not adversely impacted law-making: Venkaiah

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New Delhi, May 13: The Opposition through its sheer numbers has had an upper hand in the Rajya Sabha for 39 of the 68 years, but this has not adversely impacted making of laws for the country, says Vice-President M Venkaiah Naidu.

Since the first sitting of the Council of States on May 13, 1952, the composition of the House has undergone substantial change over time with the Opposition having upper hand in terms of numbers for 39 of the last 68 years, but this had not adversely impacted making of laws for the country, even as other concerns have emerged, writes Naidu in a Facebook tribute.

Naidu, who also holds the position of Rajya Sabha Chairman, recounts the journey of the House on Facebook on the occasion of the 68th anniversary of the first sitting of the Upper House Wednesday. In 1954, the Council of States acquired its Indian name of Rajya Sabha. "The mode of elections to and tenures of Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha are different. This could lead to a situation of the Government of the day having majority as required in the Lok Sabha and not having the numbers in the Rajya Sabha. This is what had happened over the years," he notes, adding that while this had happened for the first time during 1968-70, it remained so at a stretch for the last 31 years, he says.(UNI)