Rahul making baseless statements as usual: BJP

Rahul making baseless statements as usual: BJP

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New Delhi, May 8 : Maintaining that the government welcomes all sorts of constructive suggestions from the Opposition, the BJP attacks Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday for making 'baseless statements, which is his usual tendency'.

BJP National Spokesperson and MP Dr Sudhanshu Trivedi said 'Mr Gandhi and the Congress are known for making statements without studying and without fact. We welcome any suggestion of opposition but it should be constructive, meaningful and factual. The Congress party is repeating the same old things and there is neither any truth nor any sense of cooperation in it.' Mr Gandhi has given today's statement according to his instinct and old habit of coming before the media without studying or knowing about the issues, he said.

Amid increasing controversy on the PM Cares Fund, Mr Gandhi called for transparency in the PM Cares fund. 'The PM Cares fund should be transparent. There should be an audit. People should be told how much money has been collected, and where it has been spent - The government should not have any problem with the auditing of the fund!" he said while addressing a press conference through video conferencing. As far as the transparency issue raised by the Congress is concerned, Dr Trivedi said the Prime Minister is in constant dialogue with all the leaders of the opposition and the Chief Ministers of all the states, he said.

The Prime Minister has interacted and discussed matters with people from all fields and held extensive discussions with health experts, media personnel, sportspersons, religious leaders and industry personalities, the BJP leader said. 'All departments are working in excellent coordination, an example of this is that when the lockdown started, it was announced first by the governments of four states Punjab, Maharashtra, Odisha and Telangana -- all ruled by opposition parties -- before the announcement of the Centre,' he said.

As far as the question about direct benefit transfer has been raised by Mr Gandhi, Dr Trivedi said the government is already working on the scheme in an excellent manner, adding that the welfare plan has also been welcomed by Dr Abhijit Banerjee, Indian-American economist who won the 2019 Nobel Prize in Economics.

Dr Trivedi said the around-50 year old leader of the Congress should become mature and slightly pragmatic as this crisis is the most widespread and vast, not only of India, but in the known history of mankind and it requires a broad and vast thinking which Prime Minister Narendra Modi has demonstrated. More (UNI)