Country will lose if COVID fight is restricted to PMO: Rahul to Centre

Country will lose if COVID fight is restricted to PMO: Rahul to Centre

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New Delhi, May 8 : Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Friday said that the Union government should start talks with all Chief Ministers not as a boss and put money immediately into the hands of the poor.

“If we keep this fight only in PMO, we will lose. The Prime Minister must devolve power. Zones should be directed by districts and Chief Ministers. It should not be centralized”, said Mr Gandhi while interacting with media persons via video conferencing. Mr Gandhi further said that Red, Orange and Green zones have been demarcated at National level. “These zones should be decided at state levels involving District Magistrates. Our Chief Ministers are saying that the areas which are red zones at national level are actually green zones and vice versa. We have to understand that if someone is a daily wage worker he does not have a choice. A conversation between states needs to happen and these decisions have to be made with empathy towards the migrants”, the Congress leader added.

Responding to the tragedy, in which 16 migrant workers were mowed down by a freight train in Maharashtra’s Aurangabad district in the early hours, Mr Gandhi said basic rights and needs of the migrants should be given first. “We need to have a strategy for migrants and start planning for the opening of lockdown. Stopping migrants from returning to their homes is inhuman”, he added.

Referring Congress’ NYAY scheme, the Wayanad MP said that government should start putting money directly in migrant’s accounts. “NYAY or whatever you want to call, but Rs 7,500 directly transferring in migrants account is important”, he said and added “India is all about domestic consumption, India will have to start domestic consumption and we are losing time”. He said that the more time we lose, the worse the impact is going to be and added that there is a sense in the government that creating a large deficit will create problems externally. “But this is a risk that we have to take, else there might be a catastrophe”, said Mr Gandhi.

“We have to protect job creators, build a wall for them to protect jobs, wages; we have to give them financial support. We are doing our part in this crisis by giving suggestions to the government”, the Congress leader said. Mr Gandhi also said that the country has to protect large scale business as well. “The idea that we can simply let our job creators down is not feasible. We have to protect them”, he added. Stating that the government needs to bring more transparency, Mr Gandhi requested Union government to not centralise decision making. “The central thing that the Government needs to do now is, give a little bit of transparency.” UNI