Vizag gas leak: Death toll risen to 11, situation under control says NDRF DG

Vizag gas leak: Death toll risen to 11, situation under control says NDRF DG

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New Delhi, May 7 : While the death toll has risen to 11 in Visakhapatnam gas leak incident, the National Disaster Response Force(NDRF) DG SN Pradhan on Thursday said that the situation in the area is under control and the NDRF team will remain there to assist the local administration.

Addressing a press conference here on Thursday afternoon, he said that the effectiveness of gas Styrene, which leaked from the LG Polymer factory there, reduces after five to six hours. The gas has become less effective with passage of time and it is expected that its impact in the atmosphere will reduce further. People were evacuated in the radius of about three KM from the site of the gas leak, he added. “ A specialized Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear(CBRN)emergency team from 5th Battalion under its Commandant Anupam srivastava from Pune, has been flown to the incident site to assess the situation whereas the leakage from silo is minimal as of now”, Mr Pradhan said.

He also said that people need not to worry and the NDRF unit will be stationed there till the normalcy is restored in the area RR Venkatapuram village and nearby areas. Giving the detail of the incident, he said that the leakage was occurred at 2.30 AM on the intervening night of Wednesday/ Thursday and first the local residents contacted local administration and around 5.30 Am the Visakhapatnam RRC unit of NDRF reached the site and evacuated 200-250 families(500 plus people) and door to door search operation was conducted. The NDRF has expertise and trained to deal with chemical disasters. The NDMA member said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi took stock of the situation in the meeting of NDMA and directed to mobilize all required resources not only from the state but from the country if needed. He also said that NDMA has laid out proper guidelines to handle the chemical safety and all the factories which are being reopened after the lockdown, must follow these guidelines.

Detailing the impact of this toxic gas Styrene, All India Institute of Medical Sciences(AIIMS) Director Randeep Guleria said that higher level of inhalation of this gas can cause breathlessness,and respiratory distress while absorption can lead to headache, nausea, vomiting and unsteadiness of gait. High exposure can lead to coma, pulmonary edema and irregular heartbeats. A Chemical leak of toxic gas Styrene occurred at RR Venkatnagar, 20 KM away from Visakhapatnam in the wee hours on Thursday. The death toll has risen to 11 and around 1000 people were exposed with gas. (UNI)