Normal Monsoon session predicted

Normal Monsoon session predicted

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While the Budget Session 2020 of the Parliament had to be curtailed abruptly due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the government is hoping for a 'normal' Monsoon Session just like the seasonal rains which are expected to be in the normal range this year as per the IMD

But then everything depends upon the situation over the next couple of weeks, especially the way it pans out in the Lockdown 3.0 phase that started on Monday.

According to some BJP leaders, efforts to contain the coronavirus are showing results and there is no reason why the Parliament should not function normally if there is no fresh spurt in this phase during which several restrictions have been eased to help the country return to normalcy and get the economy back on track.

'It all depends on the situation on the ground. But with such intensive containment efforts and positive results there is good reason to hope for a normal schedule,' they say.

Moreover, several important legislative work and Bills are pending which can only be cleared during the session.

While the government needs to clear the legislative business, it is expected to face storm over the Covid-19 management, especially on the hardships faced by migrant workers due to the sudden announcement of the countrywide lockdown by the Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi on March 24. The subsequent side effects, the state of the economy, job-losses and other issues that the Opposition is expected to corner the government on.

Last year, the Monsoon Session started around June 17 and carried on till August 7.

The 2020 Budget Session was cut short due to the pandemic, much ahead of its scheduled date even though the Prime Minister said it would continue as per schedule.